We will be re-evaluating our operation hours. Please email to place your orders. We will need advance notice for hot food. All of these options can come frozen and packaged ready for your freezer. Due to an equipment issue we are short on stock until later this week.


  1. Classic Chicken
  2. Beef & Mushroom
  3. Steak & Cheese
  4. Roast Lamb
  5. Pulled Pork
  6. Vegetarian Spinach & Feta Pastie
  7. Vegetarian Curried Samosa Pastie
  8. Vegetarian Sweet Potato Peanut Pastie
  9. GF/Vegan Lentil Shepherd Pie
  10. GF Beef Cottage Pie
  11. GF Lamb Shepherd Pie
  12. Family size Roast Lamb, Beef and Mushroom, Turkey, Chicken, GF Cottage pie, Vegan/GF Lentil Shepherds Pie. These family size pies come frozen only. We sell out fast, so may take a few days to fill large family savory pies.

Sides: potato wedges, sausage roll.

Sweet pie slices are: $4.95

Whole sweet pies are: $35.00 which includes the refundable pie plate deposit of $4.00.

Key Lime, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Bourbon Hazelnut, Apple Sour Cream Streusel. Call to see the daily specials.

We are doing special orders. Call to have it made 24 hours in advance.

GF/Vegan Fruit Crisps- Oregon Mixed Berry, Apple Cranberry $25